Sharing the show notes from the latest #AbuseTalk Podcast Episode. 

Our Podcast guest is the founder of White Ribbon UK, Chris Green MBE.


  • White Ribbon UK is a nonprofit organisation, based in Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire and was founded and run from Chris’s loft when he first began. They have since grown and now own the “White Ribbon House” where all their work is run from.
  • There is a real need for more men to take action and to challenge their fellow men about their actions and beliefs.  
  • There is also a need to start to the conversation, men can take the White Ribbon UK pledge 
  • “never commit”, “never excuse”, “never remain silent”
  • White Ribbon UK also looks at joining forces with other organisations to raise awareness.
  • Organisations can now be accredited by White Ribbon UK, this can take a year to complete.
  • The main message is that men and boys need to be educated on their actions and for this to happen we need men now to make a stand and do something to get the message out there that this is not ok and we should be doing more. 
  • Do something!! 
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