Sharing the show notes from the latest #AbuseTalk Podcast Episode. 

  • Who is Margaret Bell
  • How she got to become a Transformational Health Coach
  • Dealing with grief
  • Feeling of shame
  • Seeing a nutritionist
  • Starting to be on the right track
  • Not wanting to go back to the gym environment
  • Running as a way to process her thoughts
  • Went through divorce at 40
  • Losing her job
  • Getting depressed about the situation
  • Suicide as an option
  • Making a decision for her life
  • Emotional eating
  • Getting in contact with friends and family as an advice
  • Thinking of mental and physical destruction to stop food habits
  • Finding the motivation to lose weight and how to get accountable
  • Being a critique
  • Finding the best food for the person
  • Not believing in diet
  • Doing one on one coaching

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